Getting Started with iDeal CRM

  • Navigate iDeal CRM
  • Add customers & contacts
  • Add your first opportunity / project
  • Create your first proposal (optional)
    • Install a proposal template and customize it
    • Connect your email
    • Create a proposal for an opportunity
  • Email the proposal to your client from iDeal CRM (optional)
  • Set up and customize your sales pipeline
Getting Started with iDeal CRM


  • Add an opportunity
  • Opportunity details overview
  • Opportunity notes
  • Financials tab explained
  • Opportunity proposals
  • Storing documents, contracts, RFIs, RFPs, change orders, and more
  • Creating and assigning tasks for an opportunity
  • Opportunity checklists
  • Estimating Tool
  • Margin analysis for projects / jobs


  • Quick overview of the 2 iDeal Proposal Generators (HTML & Word)
  • Proposal templates
    • Installing a template from the iDeal library and customizing it (both generators)
    • Importing your current Word proposal as a template
    • Building a proposal template from scratch with the HTML Proposal Generator
  • Creating 1 or more proposals for an opportunity
  • Emailing a proposal to a client
  • Marking a proposal as won/lost

Your Sales Pipeline

Estimating Jobs

  • Creating estimate templates
  • Adding an estimate to an opportunity
  • Editing and saving the estimate
  • Learn how to properly estimate different types of jobs

Customers & Contacts

  • Contacts list overview
  • Companies list overview
  • Adding customer companies and contacts
  • Company/customer detail page overview
  • Client company stats explained
  • Contact detail page overview
  • Contact stats explained


  • Set up follow-up email templates
  • Follow-up on multiple opportunities / projects at once
  • Follow-up with a specific client
  • See how notes are automatically created

Bid & Follow-up Calendar

  • Calendar overview
  • Moving an event on the calendar
  • Adding a calendar event (i.e. a job walk-thru meeting)

Leads Module

  • Leads module overview
  • Module settings
  • Creating / editing / deleting a lead
  • Emailing a lead
  • Mass emailing leads
  • Adding notes & checklists to leads
  • Creating a contact/company/opportunity from lead

Sales Reports

  • Reports overview
  • Sales reports
  • Construction-specific reports
  • Margin analysis report
  • Team reports
  • Request a custom report

Application Settings

  • Organization Settings
    • Adding / removing users
    • Opportunity settings
    • Contact & Company settings
    • Notifications
  • Personal Preferences
    • Connecting you remail
    • Your email signature
    • Turning daily ‘ToDo’ email on

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iDeal CRM delivers the best construction CRM software features. It empowers construction teams to stay focused, organized, and on track to meet and exceed their sales goals.

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